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Cemeteries are a place of reflection. They give us pause from our everyday routine to contemplate our purpose in life and remember those who have passed on. Cemeteries are often stops on a Kornblit Tour.  This is where history truly ‘comes to life.’  Sometimes we visit cemeteries that are in ruins, for example on our Greenwich Village Tour where we visit one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in New York City.  Visiting the resting place of those that came before us gives us historic perspective and insight into our future.

Robert Fulton

The cemetery at Trinity Church on our Financial District Tour is a place where we could spend hours. These burial grounds have been the final resting place for many historic figures since the Churchyard cemetery opened in 1697.

Trinity Church Cemetery is a non-denominational cemetery, and it is listed in the United States national Register of Historic Places.  In addition to over 60 notable figures buried here, there are two bronze plaques commemorating the Battle of Fort Washington, fought during the Revolutionary War.

So many famous people are buried at Trinity Church Cemetery, each with a story that captures historic significance and perspective of our nation’s past.  The gravestone markers help us remember war heroes, congressman, inventors, businessmen, socialites, and signers of the Constitution.  We visit the gravesite of Robert Fulton (1765-1815) who was an engineer that is credited with developing the steamboat and designing the first submarine called the Nautilus. We also pay our respects to Alexander Hamilton (1775-1804). Alexander Hamilton He was one of our countries founding fathers and chief aide to George Washington. He was also the founder of our nation’s financial system, the first Secretary of the Treasury and the Father of the United States Coast Guard.

If you come with us on our Financial District Tour, the Trinity Church Cemetery is our first stop and will set the stage for this historic Wall Street Financial District Tour.


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