Artists in Folk Art exhibit inspired by experience

On the Upper West Side is a small museum that many New Yorkers most likely don’t know about. Located in the heart of Lincoln Square, The American Folk Art Museum is a hidden gem dedicated to displaying exhibitions by artists whose talent has been shaped by personal experience rather than by formal training. The current exhibition on view is entitled War and Pieced which features several large quilts various types of shapes and geometric patterns.

All the quilts on view were made by men using richly dyed wools coming from British military uniforms. The patterns and images that can be found in the quilts reflect upon the hardships that occurred during the Crimean War, and also conflicts in India, South Africa, and other troubled regions of the British Empire during the 1800s. Also on view are quilts made from felted wools during the Prussian and Napoleonic wars beginning in the mid-eighteenth century. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Annette Gero, and includes more quilts from public and private collections, many of which have never been seen before. The exhibition will be on view through Jan. 7, 2018.

Soldier’s Patchwork With Incredible Border (Artist Unidentified)

The museum also has a lovely gift shop with items that are both adult and kid-friendly that are simple and many of them handmade, and are sure to fill your heart with love.

Admission is free and is open Tue.-Thu. From 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m., Fri. from Noon-7:30 p.m., Sat. from 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m., and Sun. from Noon-6 p.m. The American Folk Art Museum is located at 2 Lincoln Square on the corner of 66th Street and Columbus Ave.

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